Softimage Tip: Selecting Components by Projection Selection

Imported CAD Data

Here is the imported CAD data.

This simple trick allows you to quickly select all polygons facing a certain axis in Softimage. This is mostly useful when dealing with imported CAD data.

When inheriting CAD models the floors and ceilings can often come in big connected chunks with small or thin polygons that make selecting everything that makes up the floor time consuming. Usually however the models come with some UV coordinates which makes this trick work.

If your geometry does not have UV’s already applied simply create some for this trick to work. Just follow the instructions below.

Open Texture Editor Preferences

Open the Texture Editor preferences.

Texture Editor Preferences

Set Sync Method to Components.

Set Selection Mode

Make sure the selection mode is set to polygons in the texture editor and main viewport.

Projection Selection Buttons

Use the Projection Selection Buttons to pick the faces you need. In this case I wanted to extract the floor for texturing.

Extract Polygons

Finally you can detach the polygon or create a cluster to apply your materials or fix mesh issues as needed.

I hope this can save you some time the next time you are having to take apart existing hard surface models.


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